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Together we can do a lot. Model families of the Grodno region — about the main values and secrets of relations

Together we can do a lot. Model families of the Grodno region — about the main values and secrets of relations03 october 2020 — 13:55

The Loktevy, Kanetsky, Sidor, Kachura are friendly and, we will not be afraid of this word, exemplary families of the Prineman region, where adults are specialists who have taken part in their professions and children are aspiring, gifted, and have achieved success in their studies and creativity. It is not surprising that they all once represented Grodno region at the republican stage of the “Family of the Year” contest. By the International Family Day, they shared with the GP journalist ideas about real values and the secrets of a happy relationship.

At the Republican contest «Family of the Year», the Loktevy couple was a pioneer. Then, in 2012, Ivan and Irina went with three daughters to defend the honor of the Grodno region. The eldest Varvara is already a tenth grader, she graduated from a music school in piano and has devoted herself entirely to study, is engaged with tutors, and is preparing to pass centralized testing. Juliana and Juliana, albeit twins, are passionate about one basketball, the other choreography. The last year October was filled with special joy in the family when the fourth daughter Ustinya was born.


— For us, happiness lies in completely simple and not alien to every person concepts. We trust, experiencing any problems and failures together. We respect each other’s choice, becoming a reliable support in life. But the main thing is that love always lives under the roof of the house and in our hearts. This is a strong foundation of our family, of paramount value. At one time, they initiated the social project “A Little House for a Big Country”, offering families to build playgrounds with their own hands. We want our children to be independent, act instead of expectations, benefiting themselves and society. In this we try to be an example to them. Generational continuity is rightly considered the key to the strength and longevity of a happy friendly family.

From the second republican contest in 2014, the family of Valery and Marina Kanetsky left Volkovysk with silver. By the number of children, the couple then turned out to be the most numerous. There are 13 guys in it. And all the extraordinarily gifted, prize-winners and participants in contests and competitions of various levels, from school to republican. In 2013, this family became the laureate of the honorary prize of the Children’s Fund.


— Happiness is, of course, children. And with each child, it only increases: the more babies, the deeper the family connection and the more important the family values. So for us, the number 13 is still so lucky! Today, older children are already family members themselves. But we are still participating in each other’s lives. Gathering at a large table, we give advice and exchange opinions. Taking part, rejoicing in the personal victories of each and supporting each other in case of failure, is our main rule.

For the third time, the region and its small homeland, the Lunnensky Territory of the Mostovsky District, were represented at the competition by the Sidor family — spouses Oleg and Irina, their daughters Maria and Daria. The father of the family works as a machine operator, and mother as an art director. Girls also absorbed the craving for beauty: ninth-grader Maria gave 8 years to classes in a choreographic school, sixth-grader Daria — a participant and winner of song contests. At present, 3 children are raised in the family — the birth of the baby in November 2019, baby Aglaya made everyone happy.

— With the birth of the third daughter, we only made sure that real family happiness is unthinkable without children. And its foundation is love and kindness, mutual understanding and cheerfulness. In our family, the motto is «Better to keep silent than to» prick «, offending each other.» In controversial situations, we try to find compromises, mutual solutions to problems. If we do something, then together, and not for «ourselves», but for the sake of «us.» After all, it should be good not only to you, but to everyone, without exception. We are sure that it is better to go along a life road in search of happiness and harmony with a single mood and only positive.


Last year, the Kachura family from Lida — Andrey, Lyudmila and their three children — fought for victory in the competition. We went to the capital with enthusiasm, ready to please and surprise. Admittedly, there is something. The eldest daughter Valeria is engaged in swimming at a professional level, is fond of dancing. Eight-year-old Maxim with his head in football, he does not think about spraying other hobbies. But the three-year-old Nikita is a favorite of the family, actively showing acting inclinations. As my mother noted, I made friends with the scene largely thanks to my participation in the competition.

— Our components of happiness are simple. This is love, mutual understanding, a common hobby. And the main secret, perhaps, is responsible parenthood. This means that both are equally involved in raising children. We adhere to the unity of interests, together we share both joy and failures, we share the burden of worries in half. There is no “I”, there is a “we”. Is it easy? Not always. It takes endurance, patience. But we also study together, not forgetting that impatience spoils and destroys everything previously built.

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